1. Why should I have a house inspected before purchasing it?

There are many possible defects that are not readily visible to someone who is not trained in defect recognition. Some defects could end up costing you a lot of money and may even cause you to change your mind about making the purchase. Knowing the condition of the house is a critical aspect in making a wise purchase.

2. Am I allowed to be present at the time of the inspection?

Yes, we encourage you to be there. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and to learn about the condition of the house first hand. The inspection will be more meaningful and useful to you if you take the opportunity to ask questions during the inspection.

3. What happens if I am unable to attend?

It is to your benefit to attend but it is not critical. Every report we create is delivered electronically. Right when the inspection is complete you will receive an email with a username and password to access your report. We can then connect by phone, email, or in person to make sure your questions are answered.

4. Can an inspection be performed in the evening?

We do not keep banking hours; we work around what works for you. One limitation we have is light: in the summer time we have good light late into the day, yet during the winter months the inspection should start early enough to give ample opportunity to do the inspection of the exterior of the house while there is daylight.

5. Are you affiliated with any mortgage or real estate company?

No. We pride ourselves on providing an unbiased assessment of property condition. There will not be any pressure to work toward a “positive inspection result.” We report it as we see it.

6. Will you be willing to repair any defects?

No. Repairing defects found during an inspection would be a conflict of interest. It is to your benefit to hire a home inspector who is not biased by the prospect of getting repair work as a result of the inspection.

7. Are you willing to do a partial inspection?

Certainly, we can put together an inspection that works for you in your situation. If you are only concerned with particular aspects of the home we can focus our efforts on them alone.

8. Do I get the report on the day of the inspection?

Absolutely. The report will be created and printed on-site. We realize time is critical in real estate. You will also have access to your report electronically, with the ability to forward your report to anywhere in the world. If Uncle Bob in Ontario needs to see the report he can have it in his Inbox instantly.

9. Will I get a discount if I hire you to do a second inspection if I decide not to purchase the first home I hired you for?

Chances are that if you decided against moving forward with a purchase as a result of our work we probably saved you a dollars and heart-ache in the long run. Is that not worth our fee?

10. Should I get my home inspected if I am the seller and not the buyer?

Pre-listing inspections are not as common in our region (yet) but they do offer some advantages;

-You have the opportunity to make repairs before a potential buyer views the house. Check off the little things to make the house more presentable.

-Cut down on last minute negotiations and dead-end deals. With a pre-listing inspection you are presenting a price based on a condition assessment of a third party professional. You will also help to eliminate those surprises that scare off buyers at the last minute.

-A pre-listing inspection may eliminate one of the possible conditions on an offer; this could mean a higher offer and a quicker sale.
11. What happens if the home fails the inspection?

The inspector performs the inspection but you decide if the home “fails” the inspection. That is a decision only you can make. A number of small repairs may be something one person is not willing to do because he looking for a trouble free home, but another maybe looking for a fixer-upper and is counting on doing numerous repairs.

You didn’t answer my question.

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